Club Culture and Leadership


Membership is by invitation only.  One or more of our members proposed you for membership because of your character, business and professional representation.  Your proposed membership was reviewed by the board then the entire membership.

Rotary cannot be likened to a country club or fraternal lodge.  There are responsibilities and opportunities far beyond those of simply belonging and occasionally attending a meeting. Your will find your horizons are broadened by the speakers and programs, by new friends and by the contact Rotarians have with communities locally and worldwide through our service.


The strategic direction of the club and the choices of service projects and fund raisers are determined by the entire membership each year, usually with the board and committees having responsibility for development of the pieces.  The Board conducts the business of the club and keeps us coordinated.

The members of our Vashon Rotary Club board of directors for 2017-18 are the officers and chair-people of major committees:
President:  Mike England
Past President:  Bill Weller*
Treasurer:  Dick Bianchi*
Secretaries:  Margi Amstrup and Jan Milligan
President-Elect 2018-19:  Bill Brown
Chair, International Service:  George Butler*
Chair, Youth Exchange: Earl Godt
Chair, Community Service:  John Bean
Chair, Fund Raising:  Salina Milstein
Public Image:  Daralyn Anderson
Family of Rotary:  Colleen Ascherfeld
Sergeant-At-Arms:  Bill Brown and Kim Richards
Membership Chair:  Linda Bianchi*
Rotary Foundation Coordinator:  Bill Garrison
Liaison with Rotary First Harvest:  Verne Johnson
Member records, rosters, newsletters and website: Jan Milligan*

* past presidents of Vashon Rotary club

The club is chartered by Rotary International (RI) which requires that we adopt the standard Constitution for Rotary Clubs, insuring clubs are similarly structured.  Each club adopts its own unique By-laws; ours closely follow the model drafted by RI.

Our Vashon Island club is informal and fun, and has a reputation for a strong and active membership, unique and meaningful service projects, and ambitious undertakings.  The dress code is typical Vashon, but unlike that casual style, our meetings are on-schedule, efficient and to-the-point.  Members can promote their business, and we recognize everyone’s vocations, endeavors and other volunteer projects.  Personal announcements are shared with “Happy Bucks” and club business is conducted in the portion of the weekly meeting just prior to the speaker, or at board meetings.  The President should be made aware of club-related announcements just prior to each meeting.

We have a Vashon source for reasonably priced embroidered Rotary logos that can be put on jackets, hats, etc.  Many of us wear these when we do service projects or represent Rotary to the community.


Club: Official club announcements are made in a weekly email from the club Secretary.  Our club website is and has current info for both members and the public.  We do not publish a newsletter.

District 5030: has information about the 55 clubs in King and south Snohomish counties, plus events, trainings, administration, coordination and leadership at the district level.  District Governor for 2017-18 is Mr.Alex Hopkins, a member of the Woodinville Rotary Club.

Rotary International: has information about clubs world-wide and has a wealth of resources for club administration, leadership and operations.  Part of your dues covers a subscription to The Rotarian magazine which will be mailed to you.


Your sponsor, our club’s membership chair, and the club President will share in welcoming you to Vashon Rotary by meeting with you to help you understand the club and our committees/projects, and introducing you to some members.  We want you to feel comfortable with the club, find a niche and get to know other members as soon as possible, so please give us some time early on.

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