Board & Officers

President:  Bill Weller
Secretary:  Margi Amstrup
Treasurer: Dick Bianchi
Immediate Past President:  Linda Bianchi
President-Elect 2017-18:  Mike England
Programs/Speakers:  Amy Huggins & Eliza Steele
International Service:  George Butler
Community Service:  John Bean
Rotary Foundation:  Bill Garrison
Club Service (socials and firesides):  Susan and Craig Hanson
Family of Rotary:  Colleen Ascherfeld
Liaison with VHS Interact Club:  Susan Hanson
Public Image:  Mike England
Youth Exchange:  Earl Godt
Fund Raising:  Mike England
Sergeants-at-Arms:  Bill Brown and Kim Richards
Membership:  Linda Bianchi
Liaison to Rotary First Harvest:  Verne Johnson
Member Records, Rosters, Newsletters, Website: Jan Milligan
Facebook Page:  Mike England

Bill Weller is President of Vashon Rotary from July 2016 through June 2017.  Bill is a retired owner and executive in the packaging industry, a professional trombone player (including Seattle Symphony Orchestra), a boater, crabber and golfer.  He also loves to walk and run, and does his best to keep the deer out of his vegetable garden.

To contact any of us, just use the “Contact Us” link in the top bar of this page.
Mailing address:
PO Box 1742, Vashon WA  98070

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