Board & Officers

President:  Bill Brown
Secretary:  (vacant)
Treasurer: Dick Bianchi
Immediate Past President:  Mike England
President-Elect 2019-20:  Earl Godt
Programs/Speakers:  Jackie Merrill
Myanmar Service Project;  Eliza Steele & Collin Hennessey
Community Service:  John Bean
Rotary Foundation:  Bill Garrison
Family of Rotary:  Pamela Godt
Public Image:  Daralyn Anderson
Youth Exchange:  Earl and Pamela Godt
Sergeants-at-Arms:  John Moore and Kim Richards
Membership:  Linda Bianchi
Music Mends Minds:  Amy Huggins and Rich Osborne
Member Records, Rosters, Newsletters: Jan Milligan
Facebook Page:  Mike England

To contact any of us, send an email to

Mailing address:
PO Box 1742, Vashon WA  98070

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