Fund Raising

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Like most service organizations, we raise funds in a variety of ways, and most involve sweat-equity from our members.  Some examples:

  • Member contributions (cash and in-kind) to the club and to Vashon Island Rotary Foundation
  • Contributions from individuals and businesses in the community
  • Special events:  Concerts, auctions, Guest Bartender Night at The Hardware Store, etc.
  • Product sales:  shortcake, tickets for the high school play, rummage sale
  • Happy Bucks
  • Matching grants from Rotary International and Rotary District 5030
  • Business sponsorships for selected events, usually our fund raisers


In order to correctly handle charitable contributions, our club has a separate not-for-profit Foundation established as a 501c3 with the IRS.  Donors can talk to us about designating a particular Rotary project if they wish.  Vashon Rotary Club will conduct a number of fund raisers, designating in advance how the proceeds will support a project, organization or special fund.

The foundation gives scholarships and small grants to qualified organizations on an ongoing basis.  Sometimes these grants are connected to volunteer service done by club members, but often the grants are for separate projects.  A Board of Directors governs the Vashon Rotary Foundation, separate from the operation of the Vashon Rotary Club.  All past club Presidents who are still active club members serve on that board, as well as the current club President and President-elect.

The current officers are:
President        Dick Bianchi
Secretary/Treasurer        Jan Milligan

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